- Territory -

Denver is our main office with Bob Koenig as principle of the Agency, as well as covering accounts in Colorado and Wyoming.

Brad Searle covers the Utah, Montana, Idaho and Western Wyoming markets and resides in Ogden, UT.

Jerry Donnelly has been with us 157years. He resides in Albuquerque and covers the New Mexico, and  El Paso Texas markets for us.


- Experience -

We are experienced, have strong relationships and many years of success in the Contractor Supply, STAFDA, Welding, Industrial and E-Commerce segments of our market.

We work strongly with our distributors using Product Knowledge Sessions, Promotions, Flyers, Sales Rewards, Counter Days and Demonstrations. We effectively work our distributors Events.

We work directly with our distributor’s salesmen on joint sales calls at the end-user. We have a history of great results at the end-user utilizing our Demo Trailers for a hands-on experience with the product.

- Who Are We -

Mountain West Sales Co. has represented leading manufacturers in the Rocky Mountain Territory of Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, El Paso TX, Utah, Montana and Idaho for the past 40+ years.

We pride ourselves in being a Professional Representative Agency effectively covering the territory with a rich history of yearly growth.

AIS Ind & Const Supply


Industrial Supply Co.

Connective Systems

Tool & Anchor Supply

Herrick Industrial Supply

Contractors Supply Inc.

Norco/Gases Plus

Colorado Fasteners

Barton Supply

AFD Inc.

- Expectations -

You can expect from our organization, professional representation and a commitment on doing the best job possible as well as a lengthy relationship.

We strive for yearly sales increases, market expansions and strengthening customer and factory relationships.

Factory and customer references are available.

- Mountain West Sales Co. Is The Sensible Choice -

  1. *Stability

  2. *Longevity

  3. *Effective Coverage with Manpower in Strategic Locations

  4. *Longtime Customer & Factory Relationships

  5. *Honest Professional Representative


Bonneville Industrial Sply

Empire Staple Co.

Delta Distributing

Frank’s Supply

AirGas Intermountain                 

Wylaco Supply

Howard Supply Co.

Gillette Contractors Supply

HD Supply White Cap

Mesa Equipment & Supply

Codale Electric

- Relationships With Leading Accounts -

United Supply

Rocket Supply

Edge Construction Sply

Tool Zone

Nugent Supply

McGuckin Hardware

Construction Fastener

DBC Irrigation Supply


General Air

Casper Contractors Sply

  1. -Contact -

Bob Koenig


303-877-5483 Cell

866-531-4518 Fax

Mountain West Sales Co.

Representing Quality Manufacturers Since 1976

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